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Oxygen Plants India

Universal Industrial Plants Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. offers air separation plants in collaboration with an internationally acclaimed company - ING. L.&A. BOSCHI of Italy. The air separation plants include oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene plants which function as per the technology as well as design of Dr. Boschi. Our company manufactures & supplies premium quality low pressure air separation plants of all sizes ranging from 20 m³/hour to 20,000 m³/hour. Incepted in 1985 in New Delhi, India; the company has produced over 300 air separation plants worldwide, incorporating the latest technology of Dr. Boschi.

Oxygen Plant

Universal Boschi is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. We also boast of the successful CE Certification. This certification makes our company the 1st in Asia to be certified for cryogenic pressure vessel and plant machinery exports to Europe and USA. In addition, we also have Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) quality approval. The approvals and certifications have made our company a leading oxygen plant manufacturer. Our clients add low working pressure, low energy & operating cost, compact design, low maintenance cost and ease of use to the list of contributory factors.

We own a well equipped R&D department that analyzes the market trends and updates our product range accordingly to stay ahead in the competitive market. We are a reputed and promient oxygen plant manufacturer, and we not only produce technologically advanced plants but also give guaranteed longevity to the plants for over 30 years. We have also appointed a pool of talented professionals to cross check our products ensuring error free operation and high quality output. To ease the burden of our clients, our company offers supervision of installation and commissions on-site services to be done by our technical experts.

Our technical teams of designers and engineers analyze the industry to stay abreast with the various technological advancements. Furthermore, they work in close coordination with the clients to design and manufacture high precision and highly efficient oxygen gas plants. With more than 3 decades of experience and understanding of the industry, and of supplying 400 gas plants to over 30 different countries in the world , our team understands the different necessities of various clients and is capable of designing oxygen plants that can accomplish their individual requirements

Oxygen Gas Plants Manufacturers

Oxygen Plants Manufacturers: An Overview

Dr.boschi, italyWe are one of the prominent oxygen plants manufacturers using technology of Dr. Boschi of Italy. Since 1930 , Boschi technology is approved worldwide. In order to make the plants unparalleled in the industry we incorporate highly efficient and reliable turbine expander and rotary air compressor from Atlas Copco, Belgium. The success and appreciation achieved by Universal Boschi in such a short span is the result of continuous efforts put forth by its dedicated manpower.

Oxygen Plant Recognized as an acclaimed cryogenic oxygen plant manufacturer, we produce cost-effective, user friendly and eco-friendly oxygen gas plants with the highest safety standards confirming to CE certification. Our company acquires latest European Technology for making its plants unprecedented in the industry. With the engineering excellence and professional approach of our team, we have manufactured and supplied a wide range of oxygen plants across the globe, including KSA, Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, USA, Abu Dhabi, Quatar, Mauritius, UK, Nigeria and many more.

Product Range 20 m³/hour to 5000 m³/hour
Oxygen Purity 99.7%
Nitrogen Purity99.99% upto 5 PPM
Uses Industrial and Medical Applications
Technology Low Pressure Boschi Process

Oxygen PlantDriven by technological advancement, our experienced workforce and our well equipped R&D team designs and develops oxygen gas plants, which are easy to operate and meet the highest standards of performance and safety. The capacity of our plants varies with each plant, catering to the different capacities required by different clients. Our company uses stainless steel raw materials from CE approved vendors to ensure reliable output.

Based on reliable and latest technology, our oxygen gas plants ensure output as per the requirements of our different clients. The air separation plants are acclaimed in the industry in terms of Quality, Reliability and Longevity. With the customer friendly services and exceptional products, our company accelerates the client base with each passing day.

liquid oxygen

Salient features of our Air Separation Plants include:

  • Atmospheric air is used to create oxygen/nitrogen gases
  • International Design with Operation Pressure between 6 to 8 bar only
  • Latest molecular Sieve absorption from Zeochem, Switzerland
  • Low maintenance and operation cost
  • High quality oxygen for medical as well as industrial usages
  • Latest and reliable technology
  • No recurring chemical cost
  • Easy to operate

air separation plant products

oxygen plants

Working on low pressure technology, our oxygen plant produces oxygen from atmospheric air at the purity of upto 99.7%. In addition, the plant also offers nitrogen purity of upto 99.99%. We incorporate turbine expander and rotary air compressor from Atlas Copco, Belgium aiming to reach the pinnacle of perfection in our industry. The capacity of our plants ranges from 20 m³/hour to 20000 m³/hour.

liquid oxygen plants

We fabricate liquid oxygen plants by acquiring the complete technology & design of an acclaimed Company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of ITALY. The plants offer liquid oxygen purity upto 99.7% and are available with the guarantee of longevity of over 25-30 years. As an ISO and CE certified organization,our company uses raw materials only from approved vendors.

Medical oxygen plant

With the leak proof stainless steel column and skid mounted version for high purity‚ our oxygen nitrogen gases can be used in medical and industrial purposes. Capacity ranging from 10m3/hr to 1000m3/hr‚ get an oxygen/nitrogen plant suiting your requirement.

Oxygen Gas Filling Plants

Universal Boschi is proud to offer a wide selection of Oxygen Gas Filling Plant at competitive price range. The plants can fully satisfy the diverse requirements of our clients. We acquired technology and designs from Dr. Boschi of Italy, to make the plants user friendly, reliable and function at low maintenance cost.

oxygen gas plants

Universal Boschi manufactures and supplies oxygen gas plants in compliance with an Italian company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI. The plants function at operation pressure of 6 to 8 bar only. With the oxygen purity of 99.7%, the plants are useful for medical as well as industrial applications.

industrial oxygen gas plant

Universal Boschi manufactures and supplies high quality and efficient industrial oxygen gas plants by acquiring technology of Dr. Boschi, Italy. Apart from an ISO 9001:2000 certification; its latest achievement includes the successful approval for CE Certification which makes our company the first in Asia to be certified for Cryogenic Pressure vessel, Plant machinery exports to Europe and USA.

cryogenic oxygen plant

Universal Boschi offers a qualitative range of cryogenic oxygen plants by incorporating the latest technology and the newest features. Well equipped with the profound manufacturing facilities, we meet the sternest demands of our clients from all over the world. Our Cryogenic Oxygen Plant is automatic and even can be handled by a single operator.

oxygen gas factory

With the team of skilled manpower and hi-tech infrastructure, our oxygen gas factory fabricates technologically updated plants that function as per the ISO parameters and CE standards. Situated in New Delhi, India; the factory is supervised by a number of technical engineers in order to make the plants function without any trouble and at low maintenance as well as operational cost.

industrial oxygen plant

We offer industrial oxygen plants as per the latest technology & design of an internationally acclaimed company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy. Our industrial oxygen plant is best in the industry and is known for its sleek design, trouble free operation, low maintenance cost, low running cost and long life. We also offer after sale, on-site services.

Liquid oxygen cryogenic plants

Universal Boschi in association with an internationally acclaimed company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy manufactures and supplies liquid oxygen cryogenic plants that work at low pressure Boschi technology. The cryogenic technology makes our products unparalleled in terms of reliability, longevity and durability.

High Purity Oxygen Plant

Our high purity oxygen plants are fabricated to fulfill the requirement of healthcare applications and industrial applications. The purity of our oxygen is up to 99.7%. Professionally designed using low pressure technology, the high purity oxygen plants are safe and easy to operate.

Gas Oxygen plant

Our gas oxygen plant offers both oxygen as well as nitrogen. The purity of oxygen is up to 99.7%, while the purity of nitrogen is up to 99.99%. We own a department to cross check our products before being shipped to our clients.

Low Pressure Oxygen Plant

Universal Boschi is a one stop solution for manufacturing and exporting Low Pressure Oxygen Plant worldwide. Low pressure Boschi process is preferred for being reliable, durable and ease of use. With the well equipped production units and skilled workforce, we make the plants that are technically advanced.

Air Separation Oxygen Plants

The Air Separation Oxygen Plants we offer are unmatched in the industry in terms of quality, reliability and functionality. We hire a pool of talented workforce that work consistently in order to make the plants work on low pressure leading to efficient working and high yield.

Cryogenic oxygen gas plant

Our cryogenic oxygen gas plant offers pure oxygen as well as nitrogen; therefore we have a long list of satisfied clients worldwide. To update our products as per the international market, we acquire the complete technology and design from Dr. Boschi of Italy